Special Needs

Several families across America have children who require special medical attention. These children have developmental conditions that prohibit usual growth and development. Pediatrics Brooklyn comes into the picture to assist parents with such children, with the help of medication, therapy, counseling or special equipment. Whether you are looking for support for your child with autism or one with asthma or a heart condition, we have specialists and consulting physicians who will cater to all of these ailments.

Our expert physicians, nurses and support staff provide patients and their families with a wide range of well-child care, acute care and specialty services in a family-centered atmosphere. Our Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics program provides early assessments, diagnosis and interventions for children with autism, neurodevelopmental disorders and behavioral disorders.

Learning Disabilities

Auditory Processing Disorder


Visual Motor Deficit


Behavioral Issues


Bipolar Disorder


Oppositional defiant disorder

Developmental Disabilities


Down Syndrome

Congenital Abnormalities

Cerebral Palsy

Mental Health Issues



Pervasive Development Disorders

Bipolar Disorder