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Regular Vaccinations for Your Child

Vaccines help keep diseases and ailments away from children in their crucial years of growing up, till they develop a strong immune system. Illnesses like chickenpox, whooping cough, measles, flu, mumps, Hep A, etc are administered in the privacy and comfort of our clinic in Brooklyn.

American Academy of Pediatrics mandates a schedule of vaccines for children of all ages. Children who do not receive immunizations are susceptible to potentially life-threatening illnesses, and present a risk to any other children they come into contact with and the community.

At each visit we will review your child’s health record and discuss with you any vaccines that are recommended. Your child’s vaccine record is kept in your child’s chart as well as in our computer database, which allows us to print out each child’s vaccine record for school and camp forms.

Pediatrics Brooklyn Team

Consider the following vaccinations for your child

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  1. DTaP
  2. Hib
  3. IPV
  4. Prevnar
  5. Hepatitis A & B
  6. RotaTeq
  7. MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)
  8. Varivax (Chickenpox Vaccine)
  9. TB Test
  10. TDaP
  11. Menactra (Meningitis Vaccine)
  12. Typhoid
  13. Yellowfever
  14. Flu Vaccine
  15. FluMist (Intranasal)
  16. Pentacel
  17. Gardasil
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